The Lucy Rose Party Surprise Box - 20 Surprises

The Lucy Rose Party Surprise Box - 20 Surprises

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Roll up Roll up... and pay attention bakers!

This a product you won’t want to miss...If your a cake shop or a regular baker, then you need this little box of goodies through your door!  For £30 you will receive a mixture of cake toppers & cup cake toppers with random selection of designs and themes hence the name SURPRISE!

We’ve done the maths for you! For £30 that means your getting each cake topper at £1.50 each!
The best price on the market!

Meaning you can make more profit on your creations to your customers! 

Now for the details...

  • Each pack of cup cake toppers is a pack of 10
  • Unfortunately this box will not contain personalised designs but you will receive discount vouchers for your next box
  • You will receive a guaranteed 5 x Happy Birthday Toppers which will be your most popular topper! 

So go on...I dare you...