Age 2 Cup Cake Toppers

Age 2 Cup Cake Toppers

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Important Ordering Information:

Please note there is a 1-2 week turnaround on this item. 

Product Description:

Give your cup cakes some sparkle with our glitter card toppers perfect for your birthday celebrations. 

These toppers can say any age you require either written in a word or number format. Please write the format in the product customisation box above.

PLEASE NOTE: It is one format per 10 in one colour. I.e  Cup cake toppers saying 'one' in silver glitter. 

The cup cake toppers come in a pack of 10

So what's the difference in glitter card I hear you ask?

Laser Glitter: This type of glitter card has a glitter effect with a flat surface; not the usual harsh texture that would be expected with glitter. It glitters in harsh lighting or sunlight. 

Premium Glitter: This Glitter Card has the usual glitter texture with a low shed. This glitters in any lighting and is considered a premium card.